Thursday, 12 July 2012

be careful what you wish for!

I have been longing for the past couple of weeks for sometime off, it's getting to the end of term my house was a mess, I had tonnes of end of term paperwork to do, and I'm just well, tired. I got the couple of days off of work. Unfortunately it was because Stephanie was poorly.

My poor baby- she had a temperature of 40 and was vomiting :-(
Here she is asleep after I manage to cool her down in a bath.and some calpol. She slept for hours and I got the housework done.

Then I spent sometime knitting her new school cardigan and reading my library book. I haven't had much time for reading the past couple of weeks and so I hadn't read this book it's due back tomorrow but I can't renew it as somebody else has reserved it. I spent a lot of today reading too I think I may just finish it in time. It is a good story and I am having trouble putting it down.
Stephanie had stopped being ill by yesterday teatime but still had a temperature when she went to bed. Thankfully she woke up absolutely fine today so we had a chilled day at home together where we played barbies and hang man and did some gardening;

we harvested this little lot from the grow bags in the garden. There were some strawberries and raspberries too but Stephanie snaffled those.

Playing barbies in the sunshine.

So today was lovely to relax and be home with Stephanie, but I wish I could have done it without her having to be poorly yesterday.

Back to the book now- night all.


  1. i always think its amazing how often you get what you ask for - i think the universe is like a well meaning child sometimes, tries to do the right thing but has slightly misunderstood you lol
    after my auntie had her twins (she had 2 other boys already) she kept wishing she could just "put her feet up for a few weeks and chill" she broke her leg! crazy hey! glad your wee girls all better now :)

    1. hehe that is a great way of describing it! I will be more specific what I want next time :-)