Saturday 14 July 2012

Happy list

I promised I would find a happy place again after my self indulgent post the other day. Today I am feeling much happier. 10 things I am happy for this month are;

  1. My children, they make me happy everyday.
  2. Dylan is doing well at secondary school- he received a school award for his ICT work, he got up to 10 pound to spend on a book he chose an autobiographical book (I forget whose, I will borrow once he has read it). We got to go to an award ceremony at the school where he was presented with his prize.
  3. My family, today I have had a phone call from my niece who will be 4 on Thursday to tell me about her school trip to the safari park and my 9 yr old nephew asking my advice on his veg patch.
  4. My upcoming holiday- my sisters and I are going to the lake district camping with our children for a week in August.
  5. friends- I have been to my friends daughters birthday party, I helped her out at it and had a such a good time playing with the children. Another friend popped around this evening to give us a Herman the German friendship cake. I'm looking forward to growing Herman with my children.
  6. My ability to read- I am loving the book of the moment (Shades of Grey) I have been told about these books by so many friends and colleagues and decided I needed to see what the fuss is about- I am hooked and I only started last night.
  7. My garden- while I was home with a poorly Stephanie I spent some time sorting out my garden having lived in a flat for 3 years I really do appreciate the ability to just step outside.
  8. I am no longer an NQT- I had my final report signed off yesterday :-)
  9. I am heading to the Kent Show tomorrow, this has become something of a tradition for my little family we go every year the children love to go and look at the animals and find out more as well as seeing all the other attractions. We love the Eco village bit and usually come home with more ideas of ways we can improve.
  10. baking- I love that I can open the fridge/ cupboard and no matter how little I think I have in there I can always cook something.
There we have it my list for this month. Once again thanks to Astra for hosting. Post a link to your list in the comments, or if you do not have a blog feel free to post your list in a comment.


  1. great list - ability to read is a great one, i love reading and haven't been consciously grateful for it... ever! thanks :)

    1. Thanks. I do love to read, I'm not sure what I would do on sleepless nights if I couldn't stick my nose in a book :-)

  2. What a lovely positive post - so many reasons to be cheerful!
    Enjoy your Herman - are you going to blog about what you did with it?

    1. I can do Hannah, so far we have stirred it once a day- tomorrow we feed it for the first time.
      I am feeling more positive this week- last week wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had anticipated :-)