Thursday, 19 July 2012

Get moving!

I am trying to ensure that the children and myself are getting more exercise. I took up running before I completed my race for life last month which I really enjoy. I was getting up at 5.30 and running before work. I must admit to being a wuss though I stopped when it started raining the other week. I am aiming to get back to it though.

I have noticed that when we are home we, as a family, have got very lethargic.I have been trying to encourage the children into moving more. It is easier to get Stephanie going than Dylan, yet she often needs coaxing out the house initially.

I filled out a quiz a few weeks ago for the change 4 life yesterday we received our personalised plans. Stephanie has a game board which she places stickers on each day that she is active for over 60 minutes. Dylan and I have a table where we record our activity each day. Stephanie has seen her plan and is very excited to get it started next week. Dylan is at his Dad's so has not seen them yet. I suspect it will take more than a table to encourage him. I am hoping that a little competitiveness with me will help. I am going to give it a good try to get them moving more this summer.

I also have intentions of not buying crisps/chocolate for us in a bid for us to improve our eating habits which have slipped recently. This may be somewhat scuppered- I have received 2 boxes of chocolates from the children in my class today, maybe if I eat them this weekend it'll be OK......

Stephanie has a swimming lesson on Saturday so she'll get some exercise before going to her Dad's. I'll be going to the allotment lots this weekend. There is lots of work to do there this weekend as I never got there last weekend. We will also be going several times during the week.

So from Monday we are going to get fit- Monday because the children are at their Dad's this weekend and they eat worse there than they do here.

Our planned activities so far for next week are;

Monday- possibly go to the beach
Tuesday- Stephanie has friends round, lots of garden play planned
Wednesday- Swimming
Thursday- Nothing definite yet, Dylan has a baby tooth extraction for his brace in the afternoon, perhaps go out on bikes in the morning.
Friday- Medway mile
Saturday- up for negotition
Sunday-up for negotition


  1. this is a 3 post comment! lol im lazy!

    I think its great that your getting involved it your kids exercise especially dylan, so many mums just say oh he/shes not interested - they only like xbox etc and it drives me nuts to listen to, your family activities sound great im sure they'll be great fun too.

    the 'good stir' pic of your wee girl is scary lol she looks mean!

    That country show looks brillant, we dont get many round here but i love that type of thing - great to be able to get hands on with the animals and stuff :)

  2. hehe I'll forgive you being lazy- you need to conserve your energy to grow your baby :-)

    I know what you mean around teens and exercise, it is difficult to get Dylan moving he loves to play on his laptop. Tough love is coming! I am a little concerned about his lack of activity, he is definately filling out. I have spoken to other mums with older children and they all say it is natural for them to fill out it's what teenagers do. I don't agree that he should fill out that much so am trying to be proactive about it before it does become a problem.

    Haha in the herman pictures I was trying for 'natural' but Stephanie kept posing. I was laughing and calling her a poser and that was the look I got! Which made me laugh harder lol

    We have the county show once a year which we always go to. It is good to be able to see the animals it was a shame this year that we weren't able to get as hands on as we normally do but it was so wet the farmers were just getting them put away as soon as they were done showing them. understandable though.