Sunday, 22 July 2012

starting our get moving!

I decided that even though the children were at their Dads yesterday I would begin the 'get moving campaign without them. Yesterday I went to the allotment and spent an hour and a half digging, weeding and harvesting. This is what I bought home with me;

Look at the promise in the plum tree this year; There are lots of branches as full as this one I just hope they don't all come ripe whilst we are away like they did last year!

Today I decided that before I collected the children I was going to go for a walk. I went to a local farm nature reserve I have been looking at for years but somehow I have never made it. The walk I did took me about an hour and 45 mins and consisted of some very steep hills. Those hills made for some excellent views look;

I had a lovely walk and I really enjoyed the time just to be. I am going to do more of this, I will go for walks with the children but I never go alone usually.

I collected Stephanie, Dylan phoned while I was out to ask for another night out. We went to my aunt's to play with the new puppy. Very cute little bundle of fluff.
After coming home for dinner Stephanie and I went to the allotment. We planted the pumpkin seedlings, weeded among the peas/ beans. Stephanie ate all the ripe berries of the raspberry bush.

When we got home I made 2 loaves of bread and I blanched 3 of the cabbages I picked yesterday and popped them in the freezer, I gave 3 away to family today and have 2 left in the fridge. 

I told Stephanie of my plans to limit us all to 1 hour of screen time per day during this holiday. She doesn't seem to fussed, thought to be fair she barely has any anyway. It's Dylan that will find this hardest. I have 5 minutes of my screen time for today left. I'm off to research and decide which beach we are going to tomorrow before I go to bed.

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