Monday, 23 July 2012

first day of the school holidays

We decided to start our summer holidays with a trip to the beach. I was very surprised to be able to park easily- although surprised by the £7.50 charge for the privilege. I think I may have a scout round and see if I am able to park on a nearby road next time!

We had a lovely day, lots of digging, sand castle making, Frisbee flying and swimming/splashing. Both children dozed in the car on the way home. You will all be relieved to hear that although tired- I did not nap (phew!! LOL)

Here are some of the pictures from today;

 excuse the pics I think I need to replace my camera

Sand the 'natural babysitter'

After several hours of fun and a picnic we had an ice cream each and came home. We started by going to the allotment for an hour of weeding before coming home for a barbecue.

The TV didn't go on until just after 9, it has been on for 1 hour only this evening. My laptop has been on slightly longer as Dylan and I have booked a day trip to Thorpe park for while Stephanie is at her Dad's for the week. So we have reduced screen time and hit our lots of exercises target for today. Tomorrow Stephanie has her friend round to play she is planning  water fight with the paddling pool out as well as some baking.

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