Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Another beautiful sunny day

Today was a day at home kind of a day. Stephanie had a friend round to play. As it was so hot I filled the paddling pool;

lots of splashing and shrieking with laughter.Which was great to hear. I sat and watched from the backdoor as I got sun burnt yesterday and don't want to make it worse. On the rare occasion I did step outside I got Dylan to suncream my back. Yesterday I got Stephanie to do it bless her I think her 6 year old hands didn't quite do the job right (don't tell her i said that)

We made pizzas for tea, there is still some left so we will have those bits for lunch tomorrow.

Dylan baked Herman for us, he put cinnamon in. It tastes very nice and I'm afraid I forgot to take any pictures until after we had all eaten a square or 2!

Herman looks a bit flat as Dylan forgot to add the baking powder, still never mind it tastes scrummy still.

After taking Stephanie's friend home we went to the allotment. I spent just over an hour weeding the potato bed it is almost done. Dylan sort of helped- he was having a grumpy teenage moment and wasn't very cheerful in his helping. Stephanie took the tray I was filling with weeds to the compost bin to empty it every time I filled it.

Oh well a new day tomorrow we are off swimming. I'm off to watch TV and do some knitting I really want to get this cardigan finished before we go away in August.

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