Wednesday, 25 July 2012

a no tv/ screen day

Today the children have not used a screen at all. We started our day by going swimming. We then sat by ther river and ate the lunch I had packed.

A view across the river

Dylan eating.

While we were at the sports centre we collected our race t-shirts for Friday and Dylan mentioned that he would like to use the gym. I enquired and they have an introductory offer on for the youth gym it cost £15 for 6 weeks and as we will be on holiday for 2 of those 6 weeks they are going to extend it so he still gets 6 weeks. We booked in his 3 training sessions where he will learn abot safe use of all the equipment in the youth section. I had wanted to do it with him but it will cost £45 for the same period for me and we would be in seperate parts of the gym anyway. So I will go for a swim when he uses the gym. I really hope he enjoys the gym as he doesn't really enjoy exercise and I want him to ind something he likes and enjoys.

When we got home we played in the garden, well Stephanie did she made a tent using the cothes airer and some blankets to sit and play with her trolls in. She then played in the paddling pool. Then the children sat together and played Monopoly;

I wonder what fun we can get upto tomorrow....

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