Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tired today

All this getting healthy with the children is tiring work!

After breakfast I took Stephanie out on her bike with no stabilisers for the first time. I spent most of the time holding onto the back of her saddle, then catching her seconds after I let go. For some reason she seems to lean to the right very heavily as she rides. As I didn't let her crash to the floor she is happy to keep trying until she gets the hang of it. The promise of a trip to build a bear when she manages to ride it herself is working wonders...

From bike riding to swimming where we all swam for just over an hour and a half. Dylan took himself into the big pool and swam LOTS of lengths. Stephanie swam in the middle sized pool lots of lengths. We had to come out of that pool at 11 as there was an aqua aerobics class in there. I took Stephanie in the deep pool for the 1st time. She loved it, swimming as deep as 150cm ( as deep as I was comfortable taking her as it came up to my shoulders and she is only just 110cm tall). Definitely need to do this with her again.

We then had our lunch in the park opposite the leisure centre where the children ran around for a while. Came home Dylan prepared the dinner for us. We then went to the library and on to the dentist. I decided that I would save a little bit of money and get some more exercise by not driving all the way and walking the last bit of the journey. It is about a 15 minute walk.

Once home Dylan finished the dinner he made a very tasty tomato pasta bake with chirozo, peperoni and salami in. He added some chili powder to the  tin tomatoes as he was cooking was very good.

Then Dylan went out on his bike with a neighbour before we headed down to the allotment for an hour of weeding and digging.

We are definitely notching up the exercise this week. I just hope we can maintain it once September comes around. Sorry about the lack of picture today but I must admit to being very tired today, I didn't sleep well last night so that probably hasn't helped. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the energy to upload some pictures to show.

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