Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic celebrations

Yesterday we began the day by going for a swim. Then we got ready to go to Rochester castle to join in the celebrations for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We ran the Medway Mile which is a mass fun run which has happened on the 27th July for the last few years here to mark the count down to the Olympic games. It is a fantastic family event with lots to keep the children entertained whilst waiting for the mass race. There are shorter children's races, a mascot race, and a competitive racers mile before the mass race. All activities are free to take part in including the fair ground rides etc for the children.

It is a fantastic evening of fun, we always take a picnic with us as there are burger vans there but they are expensive and I find it strange that the only option is burgers and chips at an event where there are lots of initiatives on display by the local council to get people to eat more healthily..

I am disappointed that last night was the last one of these fantastic events. I think there should be something similar set up as a yearly event, it's great to see everyone come together. Oh and I ran the mile with Stephanie and we completed it at her pace with a time of 11 Min's 09 seconds. Dylan decided not to run and came in about 7 minutes later.

Here are some of the pictures from the evening;

Face painted by the Better Medway team

Stephanie on the big slide

Dylan on the big slide

Swing ride

Making smoothies, they both want one of these bikes!

Celebratory ice cream after running the mile.

One of the local Olympic torch carriers bought the torch with her and very kindly let the children hold it so I could get their photographs with it.

Watching the Olympic ceremony on the big screen whilst waving GB flags. Was great to watch the children running around playing together with others who they did not know. Yet when the people on the screen started to sing the National Anthem the children stopped what they were doing and watched joining in with the words. Very spontaneous and very sweet.

After this we watched the firework display which was fantastic, we were too busy watching to take pictures- sorry!

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