Sunday, 29 July 2012

How does it happen?

How do children's bedrooms breed so much stuff?

After Dylan went to the gym and I went swimming this morning I decided I would spend 15 minutes organising in Stephanie's bedroom, I mean it shouldn't take long should it just to put a few things away. Yet once I started I realised there was a lot more to organise than I thought. I started by moving out anything I could see that she has not used for a long time. I decided to put these items into the attic. When she gets back from her Dad's if she hasn't requested specific things I will sell them on.

Here's what I moved out in the 1st 15 minutes;

After moving these items I could see space to organise some of the toys etc on the floor so spent another 15 minutes doing that. I planned on doing some more another day however as I was getting ready to go to the allotment we had a thunder storm so I decided to go and do a little more in her bedroom. I removed this amount again and collected a black sack full of broken/ missing pieced toys and did some more tidying. I ended up doing about an hour in there, there is still more to go!

How do toys etc breed?


  1. I can't explain how it happens, but I am aware of this phenomenon. Just cleared M's room for our guest and there were toys in there I've never seen before!!

    Arwedd xx

    1. Phew! I thought it was just me that seemed to have an over fertile toy supply ;-)

  2. It really does seem like they breed, doesn't it?! We recently cleared out Cameron's room in order to decorate and it took us more than two days!

    1. it is shocking isn't it, it took me 2 days to sort Stephanie's, I've now started mine where the children's things also seem to have appeared. I'm claiming back my space ;-)

      My loft is looking rather full now. I'm going to sell the surplus once we get back from our holiday