Thursday, 2 August 2012

a cleaning kind of a week

This week has been all about clearing the mess!

I began by clearing out Stephanie's room whilst she is at her Dad's that took me Sunday and Tuesday to do. Then I moved on to my room where a lot of unwanted items seem to have collected. I have sorted through these and my room has taken an hour or so yesterday afternoon and an hour today, I still have a little to do but it won't take long it's just dusting etc left now. That will just leave the kitchen to be sorted properly. I am trying to get it all done before we go away next week. When we get back I will be posting a lot of the unwanted items on line for sale. Any money made from this will go towards our next holiday.

I saw a post on Sunday about cleaning your vacuum cleaner and realised that I have not cleaned mine in the 2 and a half years that I have owned it. I gave mine a wash last night after I had hoovered the bedrooms.

This is the gross-ness I removed from the brush bar/ behind the brush bar.

This is the washing water after I washed all the removable parts. YUCK!

All clean and drying out.

This evening after everything had dried I put my cleaner back together and re-hoovered the bedrooms I can not believe the difference in the suck of the vacuum! Also slightly grossed out by what came off of the carpets today when you consider I hoovered them 24 hours before, we have no pets and we do not have food upstairs yet there was a lot of mess in the hoover after I finished today.

So when I saw Froog's cleaned her washing machine today I thought it seemed fitting that I should clean mine, now I have cleaned this more than I cleaned the hoover it does get done every so often. It wasn't looking too dirty so that's good. I forgot to take pictures but that's 2 appliances clean now, I wonder what will be tomorrow...


  1. Well done! I need to do this with my hoover but, urgh, I think I will keep procrastinating about it for a while...

    1. Yeah it is one of those jobs that I thought urgh later. Glad it is done now can put it off for another couple of years now.... LOL