Sunday, 7 October 2012

Allotment news

So what is happening on your allotment/ gardens this month?

I don't have a lot happening on mine I have had a poor year crop wise, I am determined to do better next year.

I am still picking cooking apples off the tree, the pears are very poor this year, I don't seem to have many at all. The pumpkins are growing well;

Just waiting for them to change colour now

We spent a lovely couple of hours at the allotment where we have made great progress. We weeded the cabbage plot, dismantled the pea/bean frame. Stephanie has taken over a part of that bed as she wants a flower garden, she planted some spring bulbs there today. I had a general tidy up under the fruit trees.
I need to find out about pruning the fruit trees this autumn as they are in desperate need, but I have no idea where to start- perhaps a trip to the library for a book may be a good starting point...


  1. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ a tiny ponder: what do yoU mean when yoU say allotment? ~ is it another way of saying a veggie garden in your front or back yard ~ i'm just a tad curious! ~ any-ways ~ have a blessed week ahead!...(:

    1. Hello, my allotment is a small plot of growing room on a council run site. It is an area of land the council rent out to many people to be used for growing of food. It is seperate (and a small distance from) my home. :-)