Saturday, 6 October 2012

where have you been?

I have been extra busy these past few weeks, I have lodgers staying with us and they don't show any sign of moving on for a while yet. I am also struggling to get back into the work routine. I know know it has been 5 weeks of this term already but I don't feel like I have got the routine going yet, possibly not helped by the lodgers being here.

I did finally finish Stephanie's school cardigan I was knitting. I am now trying to get the crochet blanket of my Mum's finished ready to go into my room when I get it back!

We have celebrated Dylan's 14th birthday- time goes far too quickly. It doesn't seem that long since he was a cheeky little toddler.

The birthday boy chose his treat to be a family trip to Mcdonalds- he had nan and grandad there, 2 aunts and 4 cousins as well as me and Stephanie.

The cake felt very hot this year with all those candles!
We went to Bodiam castle today; me, Stephanie my sister and nephew. Stephanie's choice of day out as Dylan is with his Dad this weekend.

Exploring the castle

We had lots of fun jumping off of various surfaces; a new phone means much better pics and lots of fun testing out what it can do

We all had a go at rolling down the big hills too
I am hoping to get myself organised- hopefully you will see a bit more of normal service resuming soon!


  1. ...great to hear from yoU! ~ blessed be!...(:

  2. Liking the very stylish and arty photography. Get you ;-)

    Arwedd xx

    1. LOL I am loving the camera, I keep taking photos- even more than usual. I discovered I can do special effects earlier- watch out weird photos are bound to be occuring this week lol