Saturday, 3 November 2012

Christmas plans

Last night I posted about my plans to join SFT's Christmas shopping in November plans. The aim of this is to have ALL of your Christmas shopping done by the end of November.

I have set myself a budget to do this. I have the money in my account I just need to spend it! Here is my Christmas list

Dylan- wants some beats headphones, also needs knick knacky bits
Stephanie, all knick knacks done- would like a new bike

Grandparents chn make a calender of pictures from our year for them, Stephanie is also making clay pots

Nephews x5, 3 will get some money/vouchers as they usually put it together with other money to buy the latest must have game. The second to youngest need to talk to my sister about, the youngest loves spider man I have seen a spiderman car I am planning to get him

Neices x3, 2 bought for they have a crafty present each the oldest one will get money, same logic as nephews except she usually goes clothes shopping. I wont even pretend to be able to choose something she would actually wear.

class presents

secret santa for work, not sure who I have yet so will have to wait for the draw hopefully that will happen soon. We have a £5 budget for this.

I don't as a rule buy for any others in the family as it gets too expensive. I often shop on boxing day for my siblings. It has become a big of a tradition as my children go to their dads on boxing day I wander around the shops and get  any bits that I can put away for next year (wrapping paper, crackers etc) and find a little present for my brothers and sisters. We set an agreement years back that we would no longer buy for each other- when you have 3 sisters and 3 brothers and then the nephews and neices start appearing Christmas can become a real issue. Instead we try and focus on having fun and enjoying our large family.

So there you have it, half of my Christmas shopping is done already, can I focus enough to get the rest done in the next 27 days? I certainly hope so as I really like the idea of a no shop December. We can then spend December being Christmassy and doing things such as enjoy the local Christmas festival that kicks off Decemdber each year, going to Winter Wonderland my sisters are all joining us this year, the pantomime (when I get round to booking it) and all those other Christmassy things I always plan to do but not manage because I'm rushing trying to finish the shopping.


  1. Oh Sarah, this is such a positive post.

    You know exactly who is getting what.

    And I know you're going to do it!

    And you summed it up brilliantly -we will all be able to enjoy December doing the Christmassy things we enjoy.

    Thanks for reminding me about Secret Santa at school-our budget is £10. Looking for something generic that I can give to male or female.

    Sft x

    1. thank you, it was your blog post that inspired me to get organised and sort my shopping. I am really enthused by doing it and having the challenge of completing it by the end of this month. I got 2 of my nephews presents today. Stephanie has shown me the bike she likes (I will go back and get it next weekend when she is with her Dad, it's not badly priced either so very happy with that)

  2. How is it going? You sound like you have a good plan outlined there! :)

    1. It is going really well. I only have 2 nephews left and my Dylan. I have something reserved at Argos for him, just need to go and collect it, then get him some little bits for the stocking.