Friday, 2 November 2012

London again!

Yep today we have been back to London. Today it was a girl's trip as Dylan didn't want to join us. Stephanie has been learning about the Great fire of London at school and so wanted to go to the Monument. We climbed all 311 stairs to the top. The views at the top were amazing I didn't like the stairs though; they were spiral and very narrow it was difficult to get 2 adults past each other on them. I was fine going up but by the time I got to the bottom I had Jelly legs! Pleased we did it though and Stephanie is made up. We then had a walk up Pudding lane before heading to the Museum of London to see their Great fire exhibition.

We had a lovely frugal day. We paid to go up the monument the princely sum of £4.50 for both of us, I saved money on the train fare as the very gentleman at the ticket office told me I did not need the travel card for Stephanie as she is free on the underground she could just have a return to St Pancras this saved me about £1.

This was our lunch for the day;

It was more appetising out of the bags! We had cheese spread sandwiches, veg sticks, home made cake, pears and a bag of crisps. We took drinks with us as well so had no extra costs there.

The museum was free so not bad for a day in London including the train fares I spent around £23.

Making bracelets on the train

At the top of the Monument

Very proud at the bottom with her certificate

When we got home I cooked us up a quick dinner then we watched some TV and I continued with knitting the new cardigan for Stephanie. She paid more attention today and realised I was knitting something pink and then picked up the pattern, so I guess it is no longer a surprise for her LOL
Am off to bed now I have a busy day tomorrow swimming lessons begin again at 9 am that means half term is over, then we need to go to the allotment, off to church in the afternoon and then the evening we are off to our local free fireworks display.
I also plan on joining SFT in her Christmas shopping organisation this year- I will post more on that tomorrow as too tired to prep for that now :-)


  1. That is a brilliant sum for a day out in London!

    We also study the Great Fire of London and I encourage all the children in my class to climb the monument and get their certificate. We also love th Museum of London-fantastic and free.

    I love that you took a packed lunch too.

    What a super organised mum you are.

    I'm doing well with the Christmas shopping. I'll be posting an update soon.

    Sft x

    1. SFT I am glad that Dylan has passed through primary school so I won't be needing to do it again. Those stairs are not something I ever wish to repeat.

      I look forward to seeing your Christmas list update.