Thursday, 1 November 2012


I have really enjoyed this half term, I feel I have really recharged my batteries. I have spent time with family, I have watched TV and I have done some crafting. I have managed some school work too rather than sitting at the desk solidly for a day or two trying to achieve it all in one go I have done an hour or so in the morning whilst waiting for children to get up and about and then if I have a little spare time though the day I have nipped in and done a little work. This has been made possible by Dylan clearing his desk for me to use whilst he has gone to spend a few days with his dad. I guess when my sister has been able to move her belongings I am storing for her I need to set up a desk in my room as this has been a fantastic way for me to work.
This morning Stephanie and I did some cooking. I made a vegetable soup with the pumpkin innards left from our carvings last night and Stephanie made some cakes. This afternoon Stephanie had a friend round to play and for tea. We went to a local indoor play place, whilst the children played I did some more paperwork for the first hour and then read a magazine for the last hour (we get 2 hours there). Then while the girls played I made our pizza for tea before taking the little girl home.
I feel so relaxed today it's great, how has your day been? 


  1. I've had a good day thanks.

    I've done a little school work too, but there is always more isn't there?

    How did you get on with your trip to London today?

    Any Christmas presents bought?

    Sft x

    1. School work is like ironing I swear- it breeds when you turn away! LOL

      Had a great trip to London, have just posted about it before finding you comment here. I only went in one shop today so no Christmas presents bought. There Christmas ornament I saw last weekend but didn't buy when I was with my dad so I went back for that today but that is all I bought. Very restrained.

      Have you made any more progress with the Christmas shopping?