Saturday, 24 November 2012

just one week left to go!

November seems to have gone by at a supersonic speed! I have joined SFT and others to try and get all of my Christmas shopping done in November. I have been really motivated by this and have powered through my Christmas shopping. I have most presents here in the house, others have already been delivered to family who love almost 300 miles away, I took advantage of my aunt who was driving up to visit them this weekend. Saved worrying about postage.

I have spent this afternoon organising the children's advent calendars. I like to have the calendars where I can choose what goes in them. I put little treas in such as Christmassy hair clips, or for larger things like Christmas colouring books they get a note for  a treasure hunt, I wrap the presents and then the night before they are due to find them I hide the gift somewhere in the living room. It is more expensive than the chocolate filled ones that you can pick up in town but the little Christmas gifts really add to the excitement of the month.

I buy most of the gifts in the January sales so it doesn't cost too much. I just have to remember where I hid them in time for December!

This year in the calendars the children will find;
Christmas rings
Christmas decorations for their small trees they have in their bedrooms
Christmas badges
Christmas craft kits
Christmas colouring books
Christmas hair clips
and a Christmas day out as well as the occasional chocolate snowman.

here are some of the gifts waiting to be organised
I decided that as I had the wrapping paper etc out I would start on the Christmas presents as well. I have wrapped all of Stephanie's, all of Dylan's that have arrived so far. I will save the ones for other family members until both children are home as we will do those together.
How are you getting on??


  1. Good on you! When GD was small I did little gifts each day in a pocket-style calendar. As she got older the gifts got bigger - the occasional pair of earrings - but this year she has asked for a Cad***y chocolate one, which I have bought her. As she is 8mths pregnant, I'm happy to indulge her this year!
    Next year we will have the new little one to share our Christmas with, so this is our last 'quiet' one! lol

    1. I am finding the gifts harder for Dylan, he is on a hormone surge at the moment I think, he doesnt want a Christmas tree in his room, doesnt want this this or that. So he does have a few bits of treats but also a fair few choc snowmen. I can't think why he wouldn't want christmas hair clips though...... LOL

      Enjoy your last 'quiet one' how exciting to have a new littleone to look forward to sharing with next year :-)

  2. It's definitely a good idea to get family who live far away sorted early!! The boyfriend's family live in Coventry, but I won't be posting anything up to them because we're going to visit them in a couple of weeks!

    I think your Advent calendar sounds lovely. It will be so exciting for the kids to open a little gift each day. :)

    I'm so close to being finished! Just need to sort out a couple of people then I'm done! (Christmas shopping from the comfort of my sofa is amazing!! :D)

    1. Yep I am loving Christmas shopping from the living room too. Its amazing! I have bought a few bits on the high street but a large amount online this year. Just waiting for delivery now!

      Well done on getting (nearly) finished too :-)