Sunday, 25 November 2012


I have had another relaxing Sunday. I am loving the slow pace I seem to have settled into at the weekends lately.

I started the day by doing paperwork for school. Then went to my aunt's so that her friend could ix her car. She has a lot of animals so we had some fun;

Fluffykins decided my handbag was the best seat in the house!

Buck the youngest member had lots of fun chasing my knitting

Dylan was rather taken with him and wanted to bring him home

Lucy and Buck

Zara, the dog that has holidays at my house.
There are several more cats and a puppy but they had settled themselves elsewhere around the house.
After that visit was done Dylan and I went to the allotment and dug over half of a vegetable bed whilst discussing plans for next years growing.
Now home making a roast and writing a letter to Santa with Stephanie
Blissful Sunday!!

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