Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas prep

I had a  lovely surprise this morning I went outside to scrap the car ready for the drive to work and look what was happening
yep! it was snowing. It snowed heavily during all of my drive to work and whilst I was setting up. Queue lots of excited children arriving in class. We had some fun in the snow comparing footprint patterns of our wellies, making huge footprint shapes on the school field , learning about the properties of snow as we tried to roll it into the biggest snow ball EVER!!
Then it all turned to ice and slush by lunchtime so we collected the ice in buckets and watched how it changed to water. Then in the puddles left behind we explored colour by putting different coloured powder paints in to see what we could make.

Then I came home and decided to try a little Christmas crafting. I am totally lacking in Christmas spirit this year so I am trying to inject it by doing something Christmassy each night when I get home. Tonight I decided to turn this pile of old stuff;

into these;

With a little help from Stephanie.
Now they are safely nestled in the tree, Stephanie is snuggled up in bed. I'm going to curl up on the sofa to watch rubbish on TV and knit

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