Sunday, 2 December 2012


We started our Sunday with the unwrapping of an advent gift
Then we wrapped some gifts for other people

We used snow spray to decorate a scene on the living room window
Spent a little time digging on the allotment, managed to unearth some worms to feed our little robin friend- he is just to the left of the top of the cabbage in this pic- can you spot him?
The children made lollipop cakes using one of those packet mixes- not particularly tasty, still we have the concept now so will make them ourselves properly next time.
I tried my had at tiger bread- it tastes good- more like twiglets than tiger bread though. Will fiddle with the recipe and try again next week.
Now going to finish cooking dinner then spend the evening knitting some more of Stephanie's cardigan.


  1. Those cakes are disturbingly green! haha! :)

    Well done for finishing your Christmas shopping! What was your Advent gift? :)

    1. they were very green, luckily the super expensive box only made 6 cakes!

      The advent gift today was new Christmas pj's. How are you getting on with your calendar?