Saturday, 1 December 2012


How it seems to have come around so fast! I'm very pleased to say my Christmas shopping is complete. yay! most of them are also wrapped.

This afternoon we decorated our Christmas tree

The finished tree- just need to put the presents underneath now.

We watched Carolers at the Dickens festival

And Stephanie accomplished her stage 4 swimming level- she has 2 certificates as she achieved her level 2 last time, so at the end of this term she got level 3 AND level 4!


  1. Well done Stephanie! I used to love swimming lessons!

    I put my tree up today toooo!! :) I have had to make a fair few decorations to go on it since we don't really have many of our own yet.

    That Dickens festival looks lovely! :)

    1. I love to make my own decorations. They blend right in with our bought ones. I have so many as I have had 14 years to collect them up, I also have a few of my mum's I inherited.
      The festival is lovely, chn weren't in the right frame of mood for it though so we didn't stay as long as normal this year.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out where I can fit a tree this year where it won't get trashed by a marauding puppy!
    It's nice to have little traditions and get the children involved in the run up to Christmas :)

    1. oh dear- pets make Chrisatmas tree placement un don't they. I see friends trying to position their's in the best place to try and deter kittens and think it is harder work than with an inquisitive baby- Good luck :-)