Saturday, 29 December 2012

getting started

Today we had a slow start to the day I didn't wake up until 9am! that is almost unheard of I'm usually up by 7am at the latest, I guess I needed that sleep.

From there we decided to get started with the New years changes. I needed to post a parcel our nearest post office is 2 miles away, normally we would drive there today we walked. That was a step towards our family fitness as well as frugality, we saved in fuel. According to google maps it saved around £0.53 each way. So that it is a good start.

I am joining in with the sealed pot challenge this year as hosted by Saving for travel so I have put in the £1 saved in fuel costs plus the 21p I found whilst walking.

This is my pot and the money ready to go in. You will notice mine is not sealed yet, a sealed pot is on my to do list....
Items completed today off of my to do list;
fix Stephanie's butterfly lights
So I have managed 3 items on my 2013 list- fitness, frugal and fix, lets hope I keep the momentum going!


  1. I love lists, every time I tick something off I get a happy buzz. My sealed pot is a plastic "tin" that was full of chocolates, a gift from work, I tipped them into a glass dish and got my everloving to drill out a slot in the lid, 5 miles of gaffer tape and hey presto.I had a quick peep at your recipes, my daughter loves chilli but hates all beans except the baked variety so that is what I use, I also stuff as many different veg in as I can if it is bulky enough i do not have to cook rice, win win.

    1. that's a good idea for a sealed pot, I may hae to use that idea when I get round to it lol
      Great idea for the chilli- if I did that I know Dylan wouldn't touch it, he thinks vegetables are poison! I'm hoping one day he will outgrow that...