Sunday, 27 January 2013

End of January round up

I'm plodding through my aims for 2013. I am beginning to see the benefits. I am quite excited as to how the year will pan out as I progress and my home comes together more.

  • to finish decorating/ making our home our own I have almost finished decluttering the kitchen- just the shelves to go before I can start painting. I am hoping to get the ceiling painted next weekend.
  • to save for the future I have continued to send money across each week into my savings for a treat I am trying to save for. I am also adding weekly to my sealed pot, which is filling up nicely even if it is still not sealed. My purse is emptied into the pot each weekend.
  • to enjoy more family fitness
    this weekend Stephanie has had her swimming lesson before going to her Dad's, on Saturday Dylan and I went to the gym where I ran/walked 5k and cycled 5k and today Dylan and I went swimming together where we both swam 1k. 
  • frugal- I want to make what we have go further I did our first approved food shop this week, and then have popped to Asda and Morrisons to get the tin tomatoes, beans, pasta etc I needed to stock up the store cupboard ready for the months dinners etc.
  • to fix things- I have lots of things around the house that need mending/ altering that I haven't got around to doing. I have fixed a dress I put on to go to work in as when I put it on I discovered that a seam had come undone a little.
  • to finish things, I have several craft projects started 2013 is the year to finish things off. I haven't done very much on the cross stitch this week, I have knitted a couple of scarves and I have began crocheting the blanket Stephanie first asked me for last year (doesn't count as a new project if it was requested last year does it?) thank you to Mum and compost woman for your help the other day I have managed o get the square going now- I'm on my 4th time around.

  • How are any aims you set for the year coming along?


    1. your stargazing sounded awesome and also im so jealous i cant use approved foods since the postage is too expensive to here, cancels out most of the savings...

      my aims for this year are

      - be the best mummy i can be!
      - be the best wife to Al
      - build up my new itty bitty book company so im not so pressured to go back to work full time/more than id like
      - keep adding to our mortgage savings (even tho we'll be on a much reduced income and have a baby!)
      - stay as happy and positive as i am now :)

      1. Those are great aims Astra, you are so postive I am sure you will succeed in each of them :-)

    2. So many of the items on your list are frugal as well as Eco-friendly (I think they typically go hand-in-hand). Fixing things is a great task ... so many times people just toss something out which, with a bit of effort, can be fixed and used. I'm curious ... what are approved foods? Thanks for sharing your list with us, Sarah!

      1. You are right so many things are frugal/eco which is why I have been stumbled and not posted a link for the save the world Wednesday. I have been pondering this and whilst many of my aims for the year were written with frugality in mind they are very much eco too.

        Approved foods is an online food shop they stock close to date foods/slightly past best before dates at bargain prices

      2. Well ... I've got you covered. :-) I think it's most appropriate for Change The World Wednesday so ... stop in tomorrow because I'll be linking to it (hope that's okay).

        Oh, your approved foods are a bit like our grocery outlets. I love those kinds of stores and one can really save a lot of money. Thanks!

      3. Thanks for linking to me again :-)

        I have only discovered approved foods this year- I am loving it! I can't believe the amount of food i got for my £22 shop! It's fantastic