Saturday, 26 January 2013

To inifinity and beyond!!

Tonight I went to a stargazing event that was held at a leisure centre locally. I was supposed to be going with Stephanie, by sister and niece. However when I picked up Stephanie after school last night she asked if she could go to her Dad's this weekend. So a quick phone call to check if he had plans or she could go meant it was just me, my sister and niece that went.
It was a very interesting evening, looking at the constellations in the planetarium and talking to the man in there has led me to believe that the 'star' Stephanie and I have spotted recently, which Stephanie calls 'the Nanny star' as it's the brightest in the sky is actually a planet! Jupiter to be exact. LOL. I must confess that I am glad Stephanie didn't hear that as she may be a little upset that it may not be her nannies watching her. i may see if we can spot it again another day and try our little telescope to look at it.
It's a shame it was so rainy tonight as there were people there with BIG telescopes they were letting us look through but as it was so cloudy we didn't see anything- typical!
Still we spoke to some very knowledgeable people and I have a handy little star guide booklet which I can keep handy for our next opportunity to go gazing.

I'll leave you with some of the pictures my niece took on my phone;


  1. Looks like an interesting night!

    Psst - you won my Pure Vanilla giveaway.

    1. Hannah, it was very interesting. My niece loved it.

      Yay for the giveaway, I'm so excited. Have emailed you- thank you!