Friday, 25 January 2013


I have read about approved food on many blogs recently, recommending them as being good value for food. So thought I would have a try I just have to say Wow!!
I placed an order for £22.24 and paid £7.10 for delivery so £29.34 in total, the invoice says the rrp for the food I bought was £90.59 so I saved a whopping £68.35!

I bought;
2x washing up liquid
5x herby dumpling mix
4x nice jars of cake decorations
1 x shower gel
1 x curtain hooks and eyes for  a craft project I am planning
2kg basmati rice
4x jars of salsa
2x fajita sauce
2x pataks curry paste
6 x tins tuna
12x2 pack of plain naans
12x2 pack of garlic and coriander naan
4 litres apple juice
case of noodles

here is Dylan with our shopping

I had expected the noodles to come in the small packets you get in the supermarket, not the huge box they are in! I was very surprised when I opened the big box and it was full to the top of noodles.
I have to say I am very impressed with my order and I am still shocked at how little it has cost me. I will definitely use them again.
I still have enough meats in the freezer not to buy any more for February. I need to write February's menu plan and then I will pop to Asda for the few odd bits I haven't been able to get through approved foods- tin tomatoes etc that form the basis of many of our meals.
I am very impressed that I managed my challenge not to shop in January  except for buying perishables such as fruit/veg/milk.(pay day today so as pay goes it is now the end of January today as I shop from pay day to pay day).
I am planning on continuing this challenge through February, to see how far I can stretch the food we have in the house.
I have 12 items on my grocery shopping list this month, and 7 of those are perishable items so included in my usual weekly shop.

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