Friday, 18 January 2013

How it is going

Time for the weekly update on my New years aims.

  • to finish decorating/ making our home our own
  • I have almost finished decluttering the kitchen- one cupboard and the shelves to go.
  • to save for the future
  • I have continued to send money across each week into my savings for a treat I am trying to save for.
  • to enjoy more family fitness
  • We have spent time playing on the wii last weekend, and put together a plan to make more time for this. Stephanie's illness put pay to that today. However I got her temp down to 37.8 before bedtime so hopefully we'll be able to spend some time out exercising together this weekend.
    I have moved all chocolate etc from the house to reduce temptation. 
  • frugal- I want to make what we have go further
  • I made all of our dinners this week using food in the house, I have bought some veg and eggs, that is all. I have frozen 6 meals from batch cooked dinners we have had.
  • to fix things- I have lots of things around the house that need mending/ altering that I haven't got around to doing.
  • I have fixed the storage cube in Stephanie's room and put all her ponies away. I fixed something else as well, I remember getting the tool box out, it has escaped me what it was I mended though....
  • to finish things, I have several craft projects started 2013 is the year to finish things off.
  • I am still working on the cross stitch I have done a lot of stitches on the 2nd horse.

    I will leave you there with some pics from our day home poorly;

    We finally have some of the fluffy stuff

    homemade bread and soup for lunch

    building with k'nex in 5 min bursts.
    cross stitch coming along nicely.


    1. Thanks for the update about your 2013 goals Sarah.

      Great progress on

      Decluttering the kitchen. You are almost there.

      Saving for your future treat..I’m getting very curious.

      I love your family fitness ideas.

      Frugal-you are doing really well with using up. A very short shopping list. You sound very organised.

      Good to hear you are fixing things. What a lady!

      And you are so clever doing cross stitch too. It’s going to look fabulous!

      Your soup looks yummy!

      Have a great week!

      Sft x

    2. thank you, but I'm not super organised. LOL that's why I have so much to do. I'm trying to become more organised. Listing it all here helps me to keep going as I can see although I still have lots to do I'm on the way :-)