Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowy Sunday

We have been being promised snow for a couple of weeks here, yet at the last minute the forecasts change and we haven't had any. Until today!
I woke up and Dylan came in to tell me its snowing. We have had so many tales of snow appearing that I didn't believe him I had to look out of the window and see it for myself.
What a lovely day we have had, I spent the morning out playing with the children and my neighbours and children.

Once we came in we got out of our wet clothes
And warmed up with some of this;

Then this afternoon the children went out on their own to play and I stayed inside for  a while.
I am feeling quite proud of myself I have completed my mending pile I now have no mending to do at all!
I have also fixed up my sofa cushions so they are a bit firmer;

I forgot to take the before pictures but they look much better now and are no longer sagging!
I also hemmed my curtains in the living room so that they fit the window better, it's only been waiting to be done since I move in in April 2010!
I also have sorted through Stephanie's pyjama drawer and removed 6 pairs of pyjama's and 2 nighties which no longer fit her. She still has way more than are needed! I think there were 7 nighties, 5 pairs of pyjamas and a onesie in there, she has inherited half of them from my niece but that is still far too many.
I have added the change from my purse to the sealed pot- 75p added this week.
Now I am off to sit in front of the TV with my cross stitch for a while before bed.


  1. Well done you are really getting on with your tasks, I bet it is so satisfying when you reckon up how many little things you have got finished already this year :)

    1. Ty, it is very satisfying, especially as I am starting to see improvements in whichever room I go into :-)

  2. Snow and cushions - we are in sync with our activities this week!

    1. Haha so we are- must be something to do with snuggling up when it's cold outside!
      I'm off to hunt out your cushions I have some how missed them...
      I have seen cushions on someone elses blog this week to, I forget whose but they were little half triangles sewn into lovehearts- adorable!