Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Change the world Wednesday.

I was very surprised to have featured on Reduce footprints Honor society as I have been posting about reducing our clutter in the house as I go about organising my kitchen.

 It is still very much a work in progress but I have made a massive dent in reducing things we no longer use. Here is a little peek at what I have done in there recently.
These 3 cupboards desperately needed organising;

So I set aside an hour of my time to do this. I decluttered and took an inventory of what food I have in there to make this;

Wow look at the difference! This is what I removed from the cupboard;
This crate contains our camping plates etc as well as old lunch bags we have not used since this school year began. Below are my Christmas serving plates I use every year to put out buffets etc on.

The camping gear and Christmassy bits get a lot of use, but it is seasonal. So instead of cluttering my kitchen cupboards with them I have decided to put them into the attic. There they are easily fetchable when required but I can use my cupboards in the kitchen better.
The lunchbags have nothing wrong with them, the children have just outgrown them, so they have been placed on the bootfair pile. As I have organised things I have been building up the pile to go and do a bootfair money raised will be used to fund our summer camping trip.

All that is left to organise in the kitchen is the clutter on the sides, the window ledge which I want to turn into  a herb growing area and the shelf. Once complete I will be happy to finally decorate in there. I have the paint, I was gifted the curtains just got to get it done :-)

This is turning into a very long post- sorry! Wasn't intended to be.

This Week's Challenge: (from reduce footprints)

Ready for something new? Here you go ...

This week start an "Action" journal. List the Eco-tasks you'd like to accomplish this year. This can be done in an actual journal, a blog ... or even on a piece of paper. Get the whole family involved since we're often more inclined to follow through on a task if it was our idea in the first place. Put the list of actions somewhere accessible so that it can be referenced often. As actions are completed, mark them off (ah the sense of accomplishment).

I like the idea of this, give me some time to think I will have a list very soon (I do LOVE a list!)


  1. e have been spring cleaning and decluttering today, lots of stuff ready to take to the charity shop tomorrow. No car boot sales about here and I just want everything gone out of the house.
    Your kitchen must feel so organised now :)

    1. It feels good to get the house organised doesn't it. Well done you on getting on with your jobs :-)

  2. Wow ... nicely done!! I really like your point about storing away seasonal items. It gives you so much more room for the things your using now. Isn't it wonderful, when an area is tidied up, to go in and easily find what you're looking for? I finished up several drawers and then, when I needed something, it was such a pleasure to know exactly where it was.

    1. I'm loving my newly organised kitchen cupboards, its making it so much easier to use. I am looking forwards to making my way through the rest of the house in the same manner.