Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Trial and error

Today I got up and was almost out the door when I remembered I hadn't put today's dinner in the slow cooker- I must get back into the habit! I had got the chicken out of the freezer last night ready to turn into chicken curry to cook away ready for when I got in from work today.

So I had to throw it together quickly so that I wasn't late. I threw into the slow cooker the chicken bits, 1 tin of tomatoes, a few ladles of the vegetable soup from the fridge, some curry powder and a couple of dessert spoons of a Pataks tandoori paste from the cupboard.

I got home to delicious smells coming from the kitchen. It was a tasty curry! Both children lapped up the lot sauce and all. Not bad as Stephanie doesn't usually eat anything spicy and Dylan thinks vegetables are boy poison! I will DEFINITELY doing this recipe again.


  1. I think my slow cooker has to be the most used appliance in my kitchen,great to come home to dinner already cooked.

    1. They are fantastic aren't they? I love my slow cooker. I was talking to a colleague at work about it, she hasn't had much success in hers. I think I have convinced her to try again :-)