Friday, 15 February 2013

busy busy

It seems a very long time since i posted. Lots of things to share, no time to do so!
This has not been helped by a cold which has had me exhausted for the past fortnight, some sad family news, lots of work and a large project.
 I will share some of these things very soon but for now take a peek at the blanket, I havent had time or energy to do anything requiring concentration so crochet has been perfect;

hummpf! for some reason blogger is not letting my upload pixs from my phone, will have to show you tom when i  can be bothered to sit at the laptop.


  1. Did you get the book? I am guessing yes , if you have been crocheting :-)

    1. Grrr blogger posted too soon - was going to say

      Hope you feel better and sorry about the sad family news :-(

    2. Yes I did get the book it's just what I needed thank you, I thought I had thank you on a post somewhere, sorry for the bad manners of not saying thank you already x

    3. You did (oops) my apologies *I* missed that post - sorry :-)