Saturday, 16 February 2013

Catch up

A little follow on post from last night. The crochet blanket update I tried to show but the phone wouldn't load

I'm grateful to the support I recieved on here to help me to get this started and to the crafty compostwoman for sending me a booklet on crocheting.

I am working on a larger project at the moment as well, I don't want to say any more on that yet as I need a couple of days to finish it off. I am excited on how the end results should come out and don't want to spoil any of it.

Today Dylan and I took my nephew out for a couple of hours. We had great fun running/ chasing/ exploring and puddle jumping

My nephew had great fun being a big boy and copying everything Dylan did.
Now I must go I have a cake in the oven, am trying out a new technique a colleague told me about.


  1. Oh that is a lovely blanket!

    Am so glad the booklet helped - sometimes all we need is a "different" view, of how to do stuff, to make a difference in how we work I find.

    I found seeing crochet laid out in the international pattern diagrams was what worked for me, even better than watching or reading about it - but everybody has a different learning style and once I found out what mine was it made it easier to work out how best to learn stuff.

    And puddle jumping is just the BEST thing ever...!

    1. thank you, I am very pleased with the blanket- I'm working to Stephanie's design. She choose the yarn and told me how she wants it to look!

      I love to puddle jump I find any excuse either at home or at work LOL