Monday, 18 February 2013

1st day of half term

I have begun the cooking I have planned for this week. I have made;
Marble cake
Veg soup
tomato base sauce ( I use it for pasta, the beginning of curry/casserole etc)
Meatballs in tomato sauce

I have a question for you, I still have half of this pumpkin I can't remember the variety. I have made soup with it already what else do you do with your pumpkins?

I have had quite  a busy day it began at 5.30am when I woke up and started my organisation for next term at work. I wrote this last Friday to help me get everything done;
Yep, another list! I took a bag of paperwork up to bed with me last night as keep waking uncharacteristically early so thought I might get an early start.
I managed to work still snuggled up in bed and get 3 items ticked off of my list :-)
An hour and a half later I was downstairs and started today's chores with the ironing- the children were still in bed. Then I did some work on my large project I really think I should be able to show you it tomorrow- just the last finishing touches to go.
We then spent most of the day on the allotment testing out the new battery powered strimmer and emptying the compost bins- half way there more to do on Wednesday.
A lovely start to our half term!



  1. I cut pumpkin into slices, sprinkle on a little oil and roast. It is delicious as a roasted vegetable.

    1. ty I will try that tomorrow when I have the oven on next :-)

  2. I make muffins with pumpkin!

    1. Ooh thank you I will have a go of those too :-)