Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The big reveal!

I have mentioned a few times recently that I was working on a large project, today is the day that I show you what it is!

Acouple of  'before' shots

I'm not sure why I haven't got any more to show you properly- possibly because I really didn't like the kitchen before- it was cluttered and cramped.
Then with a little bit of this;

I know have a much more pleasant looking kitchen-
The flowers and candles usually sit on the table but Stephanie is busy crafting!



These curtains are brand new in the pack and gifted to me by a family member who changed her mind about using them. They were ever so slightly too big so I turned the hem on one to the correct length and one curtain is enough to go across my back door.
I took all of this out of the kitchen and found it freed up a whole cupboard which has been deployed for use elsewhere in the hous
We have so much stuff we don't need/use I can see a couple of bootfairs needing to be done come the summer.
I was planning on making a blind to go on the window with the 2nd curtain from the pack, but I think I am going to leave the window as it is. I have wanted to move from rented to mortgaged property for  a while. The estate I live on isn't all that nice and yesterday afternoon an awful crime was commited right outside our house involving a friend and neighbour. I am now more determined to save and get us out ASAP. So I am leaving the 2nd curtain in the pack for a new home when I get that deposit saved. I have saved enough to buy a new sofa however I have decided to begin my 'get a mortgage' savings using that. The sofa I have will last a few more years yet.
Total cost for the kitchen revamp was;
curtain pole £6.99
primer £10.95
tin of gloss £10.00
total cost £27.94
The emulsion for the walls was swapped for an excess tin I bought when I painted the hall a few months back- I lost the reciept at the time so couldn't refund but was offered an exchange.


  1. I love how you have made the cupboard so much lighter and brighter.Surprising what you can achieve with just a bit of cash and lots of hard work, enjoy your new space :)

    1. I am so pleased with the cupboard- I was inspired to do it by reading others blogs and seeing how they had brightened up their furniture with a lick of paint. It took me 2 weeks to complete as I only had a spare half hour here and there to get it done but I'm very pleased with the results :-)

  2. A very pretty makeover really spring like, it has made me look at my kitchen through fresh eyes. There are changes to be made, Oh yes indeedy.

    1. ty Pam, it is great to have done I just keep looking at other rooms and thinking how cluttered they now look- careful turns out these changes are addictive- I see more coming over the next few weeks!