Monday, 25 February 2013

Food glorious food!

Last night I had a very smug proud mummy moment! We were eating dinner when Dylan said something along the lines of "this weekend has been a fantastic food weekend"
We have had some very nice meals. On Friday we had our Friday staple of homemade pizza, on Saturday we had KFC in London bought with some lottery scratchcard winnings the children's nan gave us for a treat. KFC is a firm favourite with my two and we were not let down it was cooked perfectly (for once!). We all really enjoyed the meal. The cake I made has been going down well. Then on Sunday we had Steak and chips in Dylan's case, mash in mine and Stephanie's and vegetables for us all. The steak is an extravagance I normally wouldn't buy, but the butcher gave it to me in part of my mass meat buy bargains. It was delicious. Then tonight we enjoyed a chicken curry made in the slow cooker. For lunch today we had some of these;

These are uncooked, rising ones. They will go in the oven before work in the morning.

I made some bread rolls yesterday and snipped soe ear shapes using scissors to make them look a little like Easter bunnies. I can't remember where I saw the idea- sorry! As soon as they were cool enough both children snaffled one each and declared them "much better than any shop bought breads"
The fact that they have been so enjoyed I have had to make another batch tonight to replenish the stock for our packed lunches this week!

The only problem I can see with all these complements and enjoyed meals is that I forgot to take pictures to share any of them!


  1. Now you'll have to have a 'fantastic food' week! The idea for the bunnies I have just read on this blog

    Love from Mum

    1. Will see what I can manage! LOL

      Thanks for the link, I often read blogs on my phone and click through to other peoples from comments etc and then forget where I have been to be able to link back to them!