Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Aim update

At the beginning of this year I set myself some aims for the year. I haven't looked at them for a little while so I want to see how we are getting on.

The aims set were

  • to finish decorating/ making our home our own
  • to save for the future
  • to enjoy more family fitness
  • frugal- I want to make what we have go further
  • to fix things- I have lots of things around the house that need mending/ altering that I haven't got around to doing.
  • to finish things, I have several craft projects started 2013 is the year to finish things

  • 1. I haven't done anymore decorating since finishing the kitchen. I need to do the upstairs bathroom and my bedroom. I am going to get on with this soon. I know what I want to do in each room it's just time to do it.

    2. I am saving hard for the future. I have an end of year treat I am saving for in the short term. I have approx. half the money required for this. I am also saving to buy our first home I have £700 so far, a long way to go but it will happen. I want to save a bit more and then get some financial advise as to which method of buying is best suited to me.

    3. We have been getting much more active as a family, especially since the weather has got nicer. I have been going out each morning before work to have a run and then after school I have been taking the children out on their bikes. Today we were accompanied by a neighbours 2 children as well.

    4. I have been trying hard, had a few slips, at being more frugal. I am definitely spending less and saving more. So something is working!

    5. I have got better at fixing things and not letting them pile up. I have not had many items sitting around for months waiting to be mended. I did catch up on the items from last year which needed mending.

    6. finish things. This one is not so easy. I start new projects for various reasons and old ones get pushed back. I did finish the jumper I made Stephanie. I have also finished several other projects I began this year. I still have not finished the cross stitch I started before Stephanie was born. I am needing to do this in the holidays more as I am too tired to concentrate on it properly after work. It will be finished before 2014!

    Today's bike ride, I didn't get a picture of Dylan as he was riding too fast! LOL


    1. I think I will make myself a list of what to get accomplished this year....may give me the extra boost I need! :)

      1. I do find a list helps me, I need to remind myself to visit it occasionally as it sometimes falls by the wayside.