Sunday, 28 April 2013

Birthday week

Monday last week was Stephanie's 7th birthday. We have had a busy week as a result, we had dinenr out with family on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I had after school meetings at work. After work I was trying to get the cake made, and all the other food prepared and organised. Friday night I took the children to a local, large shopping centre as Dylan had got Stephanie a build a bear voucher for her birthday. So off we went, and arrived home several hours later with lots of shopping, mostly Stephanie's from her birthday money.

Saturday and I was up early cooking the last of the birthday food before taking Stephanie for her 9am swimming lesson, then to the bank to open her a bank account which she can manage herself before taking her to her Dad's. Then I went to the hall to set up the party. I am pleased to say Stephanie had a fantastic disco.

All ready for her guests to arrive

The birthday cake ready to go, made as per Stephanie's request

Enjoying the party food.
I didn't manage to get very many pictures of the party itself as I was so busy, but one of my friends who was there helping me took lots and is going to put them on to a disc so that I have a copy.
I am lucky to have some very good friends!

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