Tuesday, 9 April 2013

first day

We got up yesterday moroaded the car then set off for a leisurely drive to the site where we are staying. We stopped off along the way for lunch in a little village. We ate our packed lunch then explored a little.
We found a park for a little play, followed a trail meandering over a little river and across fields for a mile and watched geese in a pub car park.

We then carried on our journey. This is our home for the next few days


  1. Firstly what a lovely photo of Stephanie running. One to treasure.

    And haven't you got a lovely caravan. We've stayed in a number but yours is amazing. Lovely woods too.

    Hope today has been wonderful too.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    Sft x

    1. It is one of my favourite photos this week.
      The caravan is fantastic I can't believe how little we paid and how well equipped it is.
      The whole site is surrounded by woods. Its beautiful and lots of birds singing.
      Signal is very poor here will try and blog this eve if i can get online x

  2. ...woohoo! ~ what a beautiful little cottage`y hideaway! ~ and the image of thine lassy ~ divine!...
    ...may thee have had an awesome play and adventure! ~ thankyoU! ~ for sharing these magical moments! ~ blessed be!...(0:

    1. Thank you for you lovely comments