Sunday, 7 April 2013


Today has been a bit busy. We started by doing our packing for tomorrow, them I took Stephanie to her friends football party, next to the allotment where I got the onions and garlic in the ground. Then home Dylan cleaned out the car while I made dinner. I'm now relaxing in front of tv while waiting for the wash machine to finish.
We organised our meals for the week

Monday-left over gammon and jacket potatoes
Tuesday-tin fish, pasta and salad
Wednesday-chicken and noodle stirfry
Thursday- a surprise for the chn, fish and chip supper

Breakfast will be toast/cereal
Lunches sandwiches etc as we explore

All food that doesn't need refrigeration is packed, the last will be packed before we set off in the morning.

Stephanie's to do list for tomorrow!


  1. Have a wonderful time Sarah, Dylan and Stephanie! Enjoy every minute (I know you will) and savour the fish and chip supper on Thursday!

    Sft xx

  2. ...oooooooooooooOoh! ~ i'm sO loOking forward to catching up on thine other posts! ~ happy adventures! ~ dear kindred hearts!...(0: