Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday's musings

I started off today by being excitedly told by Stephanie "3 more sleeps til our holiday Mum" She is rather excited and is telling anyone who will listen that we are staying in a caravan not  tent this time!
It seems she is not the only one who is excited, as cool as he likes to play it I found this in Dylan's bedroom this morning;

a list of what he needs to pack

He has even bagun to pack.
We spent a couple of hours at the allotment digging out the old compost bins so that we can resite them, nearly there now.
Then when we got home we had a parcel, it was this;

you can just about see the little caterpillars in this pic Stephanie had to try out their home.
We get to watch as these caterpillars become butterflies, again I have a very excited Stephanie.
We have also been swimming with the children's 2 cousins, aunt and her partner. We have swapped children! I have Dylan and her eldest for tonight, she has Stephanie and her youngest. The boys have made me laugh tonight I think my favourite was when K (aged 10) misunderstood what I said. The boys were messing in the living room while I was in the kitchen, there was a loud bang, K came out to me and said "it wasn't me I'm innocent" Laughing I told him that was an oxymoron. He looks confused and goes back in to Dylan "she said I'm a poxy moron!"
I laughed so hard- and have also explained to his mum, what has happened before he goes home and says auntie Sarah called him names! LOL


  1. ...a goodly hale and heart`ily post! ~ big happy grins with thee! ~ blessed be!...(0:

  2. Oh, i love that the kids are so excited and Dylan's even started packing. So exciting and I'm so pleased you got that great was a bargain.

    Sft x

    1. Aft, I'm so pleased I found it they are both so excited. Food budget for the rest of the month will be tight to cover it, but it is worth every penny :-)