Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring tease!

Yesterday I truly thought spring had finally sprung- it seems today came to prove it has not it was in fact just teasing us!
It is freezing out there. The car went to the garage today to have some work done on it at a cost of £150 that means it has cost £370 in maintenance in just over a week with the new tyres I had put on last Tuesday.
This has meant there has been no savings here this month, well there was until the car ate them all! Still I am 4% of the way towards a mortgage deposit. Slowly but surely we will get there.

While the car was in the garage we walked the couple of miles into the local shopping town. It was bitter especially when we had to cross the river, was mighty windy on the bridge. I got the bits Dylan needed for school, when will that boy stop growing? I also got Stephanie some new tights, she has fallen over in countless pairs recently so made massive holes in the knees.

Yesterday we spoke about the possibility of going camping next week if the weather is warm. The children decided they like the look of Hastings. So while waiting for them to wake up this morning I was googling to see which sites were near there and in our pitiful price range when I found a caravan site, you know the kind with the static caravans. When I discovered that for next week I could have a 4 night stay for £69 for all of us, this is around what it costs us to camp in a field. The caravan site has a pool, entertainment etc all included for the £69 and a caravan with heating! So I decided to go for it. If we were camping it would have been a case of play it by ear and watching the weather for the next few days to see whether or not we would brave it.

We are going posh this time by having a caravan;

 which apparently will look something like this.

I'm so excited! Don't worry the holiday will be done in true frugal style. We are planning on using our existing English Heritage to explore the Abbey etc while we are there, there are loads of walks around/from the park which will keep us entertained for the 4nights we are staying. And the food will be taken out of our fridge/freezer/cupboards on Monday before we leave. I do have some scratchcards to cash in which the children's nan gave me the other week, we will get a fish and chip supper one night probably with these, I can't remember if it is £8 or £10 I have on them either way that's a meal for us.


  1. The holiday venue looks fab. Good luck with your savings.

  2. This is so exciting! And that fish and chip supper will taste all the more wonderful because it is a real treat.

    I'm so happy for you all Sarah.

    Sft x

    1. Ty, I have been following your recent adventure and can't wait to go to Cornwall in the summer

  3. ...sounds like a super adventure for thee all! ~ look forward to the post update of it! ~ blessed be!...(0;

    1. I expect to take lots of pics and there will definitely be at least one post about our adventures

  4. Hi,

    How old is Dylan? Aidan is 16.

    What a pity I used to have loads of white school shirts and black school trousers that had worn really well. I could have sent them to you.

    On the other hand, we have just had a sort out and we now have 3 lovely, really good quality hoodies that have a great deal of life left in them: fat face; plain lazy and chunk.
    They are approx small adult. Classics really, so could be put away or worn baggy.
    Would you like them?
    Really happy to pass them on.

    1. Dylan is 14, that would be great if you are sure. I'll cover postage and happy to pay you for them just let me know how much x

    2. Sarah, don't want a penny. i have seen quite a few giveaways on blogs...have always wanted to do so.

      have been on the receiving end of generosity and it is great. someone once said to me, you don't have to return the favour to that exact person..........rather look for chances to pass it on. wise words.

      message me via twitter, with your address.
      hope your holiday isgood.