Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring? Is that you??

My Daffodils finally!

Washing on the line and dry!
I think Spring may have finally have arrived! Wahoo!

Wow today has been a lovely day. Temperature's reached a whole 8c at one point this afternoon- positively balmy compared to recent months. I have even turned of the central heating this evening I am determined it is staying off now until the end of the year. I have read my meters and have a LARGE heating bill due to drop on the doormat at the end of this month. Not good as I also need to have £150 of work done on the car- i must phone the garage to book it in tomorrow morning.

My lovely sister and her family stayed with us from last Wednesday until this morning. We have had a lovely time catching, toasting marshmallows in the garden, playing in the arcades (we were meant to be bowling, let's not get into that story grrr!), a meal out with my brother and another sister and their partners/children, visiting aunts, and a tea party for the nieces and nephews birthdays. It's been a relaxing fun filled week, although when you look at that list it looks busy doesn't it?

Here are some of my favourite pictures taken during that time;

having a 'campout' in the living room

time for desserts at the restaurant

arcade machines

Gangnam style!

sweet talking Uncle Sean into paying for games

Easter bunny shadow puppets

making our own pizza

toasting marshmallows in the garden.
It wasn't a very frugal week, but it was fun. We had a takeaway costing £17, we spent £15 in the arcades, £23 eating in the restaurant, and £5 on the tea party and £2 on marshmallows. For the memories built, and the fun we had it was worth it. ( Just maybe not the takeaway!)
Now to make up for the over indulgence we are spending the rest of the week, behaving like scrooge! LOL If it is not in the house already we don't need it!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely Easter. By some people's standards you did not spend much at all, although, like you, that would be a lot to me.

    Yesterday, i bought a rotary clothes line. Just waiting for a lovely friend of mine to cement in the spike. I shallblog about it when done.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. I have had a lovely Easter. I am a careful soender by most peoples standards too, it does mean that we do appreciate things on the occasions when we spend.

      I love my rotary line although after a few years use it now no longer folds which is a pain. I'm debating whether I should learn to live with it or replace it..

  2. ...i biggest grins! ~ thee makes me laugh lots! ~ blessed be!...(o:

    1. I'm glad you appreciate my ramblings :-)