Saturday, 11 May 2013

How did I do?

When I woke up this morning I set myself this list to work through;

Stephanie's swimming lesson DONE
Take Stephanie to the bank DONE
Take Stephanie to her dad's DONE
Take car for mot DONE- it passed!
Take Dylan to the library DONE
Collect (passed!) Car DONE
Go to the gym it's a rollover- tomorrow!
School work about to start!
Organise garden rained off- maybe tomorrow if weather behaves!
Washing done
Menu plan done
Organise fridge and freezer done

I have been terrible lately at getting organised and taking the meats etc out of the freezer for dinner in time. So I have removed it all today so that I can do all the preparing etc tomorrow and then I haven't got to worry all week when I get in from work. So will save me money and time as I won't pop n the coop for a cheat dinner!

On the menu for the next week we have;
Sun- steak and roasties
Mon- lamb curry
Tues- chicken wraps
Weds- sausage meatballs and spaghetti
Thurs- tuna pasta
Fri- homemade pizza and garlic bread.

Lunches will be cheese/fish sandwiches or salads. With fruit and yoghurt.
Breakfast is fruit or toast.

Today I also took Dylan to Hobbycraft to get some paints for his models he is getting into at the moment. It's a hobby his dad has recently taken up again and Dylan has got into it too. It's nice they have something that is not computer screens to do together :-)
While there Dylan picked out a limited edition Skyfall model which is on sale. He didn't have enough money so I have picked it up- and put it away for his birthday- mean mummy!! LOL

Dylan has organised 2 of my old mobiles to sell at one of the online sites he has sold his on previously. I have listed a couple of books on amazon. I have also listed some of the children's old toys on a Facebook selling page. I have 2 sold subject to being collected in the next few days. I have bought a Sylvanian families tree house for Stephanie's Christmas present which I am collecting in the morning ready to put away. So hopefully will have a nice amount to add to the savings again this month through earning extra pennies!

So a very productive day. I am so relieved that my car went straight through MOT and has no advisories on it either, always a worry when the only car you can afford is old.


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