Sunday, 12 May 2013

organised me!

Well I'm trying I don't think I'll ever be properly organised LOL

I wanted to get myself organised so that I don't keep nipping in the Coop on the way home for something quick because I had forgotten to get some food out of the freezer for dinner. So yesterday I went through the freezer selected, with Dylan's help, what we would be eating this week and got it all out to defrost. Then today when I got up I put the lamb for tomorrows curry into the slow cooker.

Then this evening while I made today's dinner Dylan made a curry sauce;

He made a double batch so we can put one in the freezer for another time.

And I made some sausage pastries for us to have the next night. They are all nestled nicely in the fridge now.
Wednesdays dinner is chicken wraps. They will be made on that evening as they are quick and simple anyway.
Thursday is staff meeting night so we are having cupboard food- noodles and tinned fish. One of the children's favourite meals.
Friday will be home made pizza. I will make the dough for this one evening in the week when I have 5 Min's free.
While I was organising the meals I started to think about cost, I have seen lots of bloggers at the moment working out the costings for their food. I started to work out rough costings for these meals;
Sausage pastries
sausage meat 50p in Christmas sales
flour (45p a 1.5kg bag, I used 200g roughly so about 9p)
butter (55p per pack, I used 1/2 pack so 28p)
total 87p for 4 of these. We will only use 3 in our meal so 66p for Tuesdays dinner. not counting veg and potatoes.
cheap lamb steaks roughly £1.00 worth
tin toms 33p
onion 8p (at a guess)
chillies, gifted to us by my aunt and uncle when we visited earlier- 0p!
£1.41 for all 3 of us.
We will eat this with a little rice 40p for a 1kg bag we use about 145g per meal so about 7p. Plus 1 naan bread from our approved food order so around 5p. Total for this meal £1.53 for three of us, not counting veg.
 Chicken wraps
wrap kit gifted by children's nan 0p!
Chicken breasts from butchers bulk buy so around £1.50
total cost for meal £1.50
Tuna and noodles
tin of tuna 49p
tin mackerel 85p
approved foods noodles 5p
total for meal £1.39
homemade pizza
bread flour 30p worth
yeast 5p worth
cheese 1/2 block £1
tomato puree 1/2 tube 24p
total 1.59
looking at those costings I am amazed at how little those meals have cost me. I have fed us all for 5 days for the grand total of  £6.69. Once I add vegetables/salad to each of the meals it will take the total up to around £10. That's a figure I am very pleased with. Of course this is only dinners but we don't have fancy lunches sandwiches/salad usually with fruit and yoghurt. Nothing expensive. So I think I am feeding us for about £15 for the week.
I have also been following some of Frugal Queen's advice- I have left my sewing machine set up so that I can mend things as soon as I notice they need it. Today I have mended a pair of Dylan's school trousers where a seam had split and one of my summer dresses where the adjustable strap clasps had snapped. I have sewn across the straps to hold them together, it just means that they are no longer adjustable. Which is not an issue- if I get any bigger the dress won't fit anyway!
We have had a busy day, I have collected Stephanie's Christmas present, visited my aunt and uncle (bringing home 2 goose eggs and a bag of chillies), Dylan and I have been swimming, I have done some school work, and prepped dinners for the week along with doing all the usual housework. So I am going to treat myself to a little me time- I'm heading off to the bath with a library book.
Have a lovely evening.

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