Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Baby things

I have been very restrained and kept quiet for months!!
My baby sister is expecting her 3rd child in September. She is looking definitely pregnant now and is passed the is she just over eating? stage, and she has had the scan where they can determine the sex of the baby. She now knows and has told us all. I might try and keep that a surprise until baby is born though, I will tell you all now that she already has a baby of the same sex. Although as I already have an 8 yr old niece and a 2 yr old nephew from this sister it doesn't really give much of a clue then does it. LOL
Before my mum got ill she was making a baby blanket for another baby in the family. Unfortunately that baby only lived on earth for one and a half short weeks. So the blanket was never finished. When clearing out Mum's things we found it. The family member the blanket was intended for has said she would like one of us to have the blanket for any future babies. I have been storing the blanket for when such an opportunity arose. My sister asked me about the blanket a few weeks ago if I still have it. Of course! The next question I anticipated as soon as she asked about it, will I finish it for her. During my peaceful weekend off I started, I needed to work out where in the pattern mum had got to, then continue. No small feat at 700+ stitches per row. I am now working on the border, it will take me the rest of the month I guess at how intricate it is. But it is beautiful, and will be so worth it, take a peak;

It is so intricate and lacy, I'm totally in love with it and can't wait to complete it so I can give it to her.


  1. It will be beautiful and a little bit of love passed along from your mum in the part that she started. :)

    1. It certainly will, I'm pleased to give it to her once complete. I can't wait to see her reaction. I'm also a little envious as I would love to have it to use myself, however it is VERY unlikely I will ever need a baby blanket again.