Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fly-by of our half term

Half term has gone far too quickly for my liking! We have been very busy here is our week in pictures:


A picnic with family
Bowling- Dylan's choice of treat with his friend
We went swimming with family and friends- 10 of us altogether. No pictures of this as they aren't allowed in the pool. But the flumes were mega scary. We thought the little one was a gentle slide as it came out in a shallow pool. Stephanie went down first. I thought can't be that bad then. I went down after her. Oh My God!! I know I don't like flumes but that was scary! There was a steep drop half way down. which I did not expect. It was fast and there is a part where you end up under water. Needless to say Stephanie and I did not go on any other flumes! we stuck to playing in the pool.
Thursday I had an approved foods order delivered and waited in for a boiler repair man to come and fix the boiler. For him to take one look and say he's not qualified to touch it! Grrr it was too late for anyone else to come out by the time he got here, I was last call for the day.

Stephanie's choice of day out, Dylan didn't want to com so he tool himself off to his dad's for a few days.. So we took their cousin. We went to Wingham wildlife park, we had a fantastic day. So much so that their cousin stayed over the night.


I was supposed to have Saturday as a me day, I was planning on going to the gym. As Stephanie decided she didn't want to stay at Nan and Granddad's after all, she wanted Jay to stay over Friday night instead. I had 2 little people who can not accompany to the gym. So I decided we would make use of my National trust membership and go to Scotney Castle for the day instead. We had a great time.

Stephanie and I decided to have an at-home-day. We have been organising the garden. we cut the grass and have painted/stained the fence. Well we have started this, we have done the fence on one side and the shed. I will need to re-do this next weekend as the colour is quite thin so far. So will have at least one day painting the wood to finish the garden off.
It has been a very busy, but restoring week. I have really enjoyed it and not ready for it to end. But then when am I ever LOL

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