Sunday, 2 June 2013

Monthly spending

I forgot to total up our spending during May- TUT TUT! I know I could have saved more than I did. So onto June, fresh month fresh start.

When I remembered to count I know that I managed 7 no spend days in May. so target for June is to have 10 no spend days. Not having a half term in June will help with this :-)

I also sold some old toys and mobile phones in May meaning I have earnt an extra £33. I plan on selling some more bits and pieces, and hopefully doing a car boot fair this month as the weather is finally looking brighter. So watch this space, see if I can beat May's total.

Last night Stephanie and I popped into Morrison's on our way home, not my usual choice of supermarket, but it was closest to where we were. We bagged this little lot

For the grand total of £18.95;
2 pepperoni pizzas £2 (£1 each)
2 Morrison's houmous £1.50 for both (on offer)
3 x4 yoghurt's at £0.33 per pack- 99p
1 Brussels pate £0.58
1 Morrison's 'buttery' spread £1.00
1 pouting fillet reduced 99p down to 75p
1 mackerel reduced £1.55 down to  £1.19
1 coley fillet £2.45 down to £1.99
1 dab fillet was 60p down to 45p
1 chocolate cheesecake dessert (2 slices) was £2.20 down to 55p
1 honey dew melon quarter was 55p down to 39p
1 punnet of raspberries reduced to £1.49
1 nectarine punnet (4 fruits) £1
1 dairy milk creations £1.24
5 fresh bread rolls with poppy seeds reduced to 25p for all
1 cucumber 79p
1 loaf of bread 79p
bananas £1.37
potato baker 8p
3x fresh French stick 15p each (reduced from 50p each)

My cupboards are looking full thanks to an approved foods order I received last week- £20 for £60+ pounds worth of food and goods. The freezer is full- lots of meat from our butchers haul earlier in the year, plus all the fish bought last night, the French sticks were cut up into individual sized portions and popped in freezer to be used throughout the month. So this month I am setting the challenge to use it up! I have done this several times before and I only buy fresh foods which I can't buy to last the month, fruit/veg as I won't compromise on having these in the house. I am certain I have enough to eek out to at least the next payday, although I'm sure I can stretch it further.

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