Sunday, 30 June 2013

Family Sunday

I got up this morning and finished my reports for school. Then I was free to do what I liked and enjoy the sunshine.
Stephanie asked that we see my sister and go to a local park. So arrangements made picnic lunch packed and off we went. I had packed drinks and food but it wasn't warmer than I expected so I did have to buy more and as my niece and nephew were going on the bouncy castle Stephanie had a go too, so what could have been a free day cost £5.70 out of this weeks budget. Never mind I know I have everything else we need so I'm not overly worried.

After we had finished crab hunting, paddling and playing in the park we all came home for an impromptu dinner al fresco at mine. I used ingredients I already had in the house and easily fed 7 with this. Before a little bit of pre-bedtime silliness.

What a lovely day, I really am lucky to have my wonderful family :-)


  1. You won the RHS tickets :-) Email me your real name and contact details so I can forward them on to Ecover :-) Congratulations :-)