Sunday, 23 June 2013

Food challenge

In the week Frugal queen posted about her use it July challenge, where she is going to use the food from her cupboards and buy no more! I have decided to join in. I knew I had a lot in store however I didn't realise how much until today when I did a stick take!

In stock I have;

Pudding and sweets
2 home-ready made bolognese 1 to be used saturday- 1 left
2 large german sausages
1 chicken pie
2 precooked rices to be used tuesday
1 bacon rasher packet
1/2 roasties
2 rustica bread rolls
1 spicy chicken slice
1/2 packet of sausage meatballs (see my post here)
25 naan breads, still going strong on my approved foods order in January/february 2 to be used tuesday- 23 left
500g mince
1 whole mackeral
2 paninis
4 mackeral fillets
3 home made tom pasta sauces 1 to be used monday 2 left.
cooking bacon to be used wednesday
plaice fillet using for mon
pouting fillet
dab fillet
1/4 bag chicken nuggets
5 portion of stewing lamb 1 to be used tuesday 4 left
toffee crisp ice cream tub
4 burger buns
red cabbage
tom soup
2 pints of milk 1 tobe used wednesday- 1 left
4 burgers
4 sausages to be used thursday
1 lamb steak
12 pork chipolata sausages
2 chicken drumsticks
2 rib eye steaks to be used sunday
1 black pudding
6 home made apple crumbles
Plain flour
Self raising flour
Risotto rice
Noodles (oodles of!)
Curry sauce mix
Rice krispies
5 bottles salsa
2 tins mackerel
4 tin tuna
3X tom pasta jars
6 tins toms
3 tins baked beans
4 tins spaghetti
½ pot gravy powder
Box Jacobs crackers
2 tins coconut milk
1 tin ravioli
1 tin chickpeas
1 tin red kidney beans
Pataks curry paste jar
Pack lasage sheets
4 bags rice
4 packets couscous
2 sausage and herb casserole mix
2 bbq chicken mix
2 fajita spice mix
1 taco spice mix
Dumpling mixes- lots
Tomato paste
Spaghetti pasta 3 packets
Pudding rice
Custard powder
6 jars jam
2 trifle boxes
1 tin fruit cocktail
1 tin peach slices
3 jars mincemeat
Elderflower cordial (lots)
Lots wafer biscuits
Banana angel delight
3 jelly sachets
3 blocks of cheese
½ jar jam
Pickled onions
Cooking marg
Cheese slices
7 small fromage frais
1 yoghurt
4 chicken eggs
8 duck eggs
Lettuce ( a little sorry looking!)
1 sweet potato
2 tomatoes
½ cucumber
½ garlic bulb
4 carrots
3 onions

I have made up a menu plan using some of this for the week;
lunches cheese rolls for children. I'll have salads. We normally take fruit and yoghurt. I will still pack us fruit, I will use the tinned the children don't like it. I will use cold custard/jellies instead of yoghurts once they are all gone.
Monday:plaice and pasta
Tuesday: lamb curry, rice and naan
Wednesday:cheesy bacon pasta
Thursday: sausage and chips
Friday: home made pizza
Saturday: jacket potatoes/ bolognaise
Sunday: steak and homemade chips

I haven't organised the rest of the month yet, but I'll let you know as I do. I think I may put this table on a different page so I can cross off items as they are used and keep track of our stores.
I am going to set us a budget of £100 this is to buy everything for the month, with the exception of the new bedroom furniture I am hoping to get, it will be including Stephanie's new shoes I will be getting next week. Once it's gone there is no more as I need every other penny put away as there are lots of demands on my money next month with swimming fees due, bus passes to be purchased and new school wear, as well as the impending summer holidays.
If you spot an item on my food list and you have a fantastic recipe for me please let me know.

Who else is in for the challenge? Leave a message here and then head over to Froog's blog to let her know too.

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  1. that's a super awesome larder thee hath there!...(O: