Friday, 28 June 2013

house guests

We have a house guest this week, she is with us until next Thursday. She is a much loved and eagerly anticipated house guest;

She is one of the riendliest soppiest dogs I know. The children love having her here. She has stayed several times before and she is always welcome.
She doesn't bark when people come to the door, not even the postman. She walks wonderfully, she doesn't pull at all. I am quite confident letting Stephanie hold the lead to walk her she is so well behaved.
The only thing she is being a devil with is her bandage! My Uncle has been medically retired and so since the accident with her leg she has not been left alone much so the bandage hasn't been a problem. However as I have to work she is left on her own at my house during the day. And the little devil chews at her bandage despite having toys/ food etc with her. So everynight when I get in I have to redress her leg. It is looking lots better than it was, but we still need it covered to stop her getting at it. Still at least she is good and will let me do the bandages for her.
Now if only all house guests would arrive this well trained....

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