Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sealed pot

It has been a few weeks since I filled my sealed pot. I have still managed to save I just haven't placed it in the pot. As I have been avoiding shops and only spending occasionally I haven't had much cash.
Here's is what I fed my pot today

The pot is looking healthy if you ignore that most of it is coppers, although I am sure if I counted them they will add up to quite a bit.

Once my little purse was emptied of shrapnel I added what is left of our monthly spends.

I want to see how far we can stretch this money. It is 4 weeks and 2 days until my next payday. That means we have around £12.50 per week as our weekly budget. Eek that doesn't sound much. The only money I plan on using from the current account is my diesel. I use more than the weekly money in fuel to get to work.
We do have a lot of food so it will just be the bits I can not buy and store for the month, see my page here for what we have already in stores.


  1. Good luck with this challenge!

    I am so glad that your sealed pot is filling up nicely.

    Sft x